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The floor Building a layer of 10 yuan, 15 yuan more than six floor of each layer, the 5 floor elevators. Additional 10 yuan, plus 20 yuan 11-15 5-10 building, the additional 30 yuan, and so on, can not enter the elevator to go big stairs at the site in addition to count, two door cabinet 100 yuan, 150 yuan three door cabinet cabinet with four doors, 200 yuan, 50 yuan per frame bed, desk, conference table and each charge 50 to 100 yuan, charge 40 yuan per seat office partition Distance of transportation charges The vehicle park location to places beyond 10 meters, the additional 2 yuan per meter. Super kilometers fees When moving out of place and move into the place of the actual distance of over ten kilometers, every kilometer 10 yuan. Service fee When customers do not have the vehicle, only workers, 50 yuan per person per hour. Charges 150 yuan. Space charge The vehicle in place, because the customer reasons to cancel car charge Kongshi fees 100 yuan. (no grid no charge) Being overweight Large freezer, high 80 cm or more safe, more than 250 kilograms in weight of goods, according to the labor intensity, the floor level charges separately. So when the fee Less than half an hour without charge, half an hour outside of 100 yuan per hour Multiple handling charges Customers in the moving process, with 1 or more discharge 1, on my way to the additional 50 yuan, plus 100 yuan (10 km) Air-conditioning disassembly cost Window machine 100 yuan; 1.5 horses following hanging 120 yuan; 2 horses hanging, Guiji Guiji 140 yuan; 3 160 yuan; 5 Guiji 350 yuan. Punch: brick building 50 yuan / month, 80 yuan / month, towers, Banlou 100 yuan / month, plus fluoride 40/ pressure, pipe line of 80/ meters, 20/ meters, the price can float according to the season. Furniture disassembly cost The two door three door cabinet cabinet 80 yuan, 120 yuan, 150 yuan a bed cabinet with four doors, each 50 yuan, disassembly desk, conference table for each charge 50 to 100 yuan, charge 40 yuan per seat office partition. 【more】

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Changsha City Yuhua District Moumou moving services is Changsha Moving Services Association, on behalf of Changsha moving company service the best quality of service. Only a professional can better, we have a special moving vehicles, tools and professional workers, all employees are subject to professional training to ensure the pre qualified posts, can provide you the tear open outfit furniture, carry piano, furniture, packaging, assembly and disassembly and showcase a range of professional services. Your need is our dedication, as long as you think, we will strive to do for you. Only if you experience a moving service department of Changsha City Yuhua District Service you will find our workers to dress neatly, clean, healthy and upward spirit, speak polite, civilized manners; items according to your desire properly placed, you don't have to worry about the appearance of man-made damage, not a rough handling. Changsha Moumou moving service to rigorous, enthusiasm, perfect, high quality, professional service to win the community's praise. Changsha City Yuhua District Moumou moving services can be achieved today, thanks to the state of laid-off workers, the merger of enterprises preferential policies and the broad masses of customers to understand and support. Changsha Moumou move service with the society gratitude in return to society, return customers desire to do, be conscientious and do one's best treat each business. Philosophy and strategy of Changsha Moumou move service: honesty, efficiency, low price. 【more】


Service scope: family move, small move, move, move the enterprise lifting unit, long short distance can be door-to-door service. Reminder: in order not to delay your trip, please make an appointment in advance! This month discount Service process: A telephone consultation: Reception customer telephone consultation, a preliminary understanding of customers move date, moving route, the need to provide carton, and if you have any valuables, such as piano, safe, whether the disassembly of furniture, large appliances etc.. Two phone price: After the call, if you need to move the furniture is not much, belong to small-sized move, can use the telephone quote. On a verbal agreement. Three free home valuation: If the centers, factories and mines, large organizations, the need to relocate a large number of furniture items, belong to the big move, I will prepare a salesman, free home valuation, and provide suggestions that move, and the matters needing attention. Four contract signed relocation: Assessment of the scene immediately signed a relocation contract. Five. Provide carton (according to the cost price): Before moving, such as boxes, tape and other packaging materials need to provide customers, according to the cost price. Six on the car: According to the number of furniture items, assign appropriate vehicles and the porter, and according to customer specified auspicious days, people and vehicles arrive on time. Seven positioning service: Classification according to customer order of the car, furniture items; arrived in new homes, according to customer specified location, location code. Eight to pay: The relocation is completed, check whether the loss and damage phenomenon, to make the customer satisfied is paid. Nine damage claims: The relocation process, if inadvertently caused furniture or any damage, we have the contact person responsible for claim. Service commitment: Assure quality, service satisfaction, carry save worry. Moving charges, according to the distance, easy to difficult degree of valuation. The implementation of the telephone booking service for the convenience of customers, a door-to-door salesman to negotiate rental paper box, turnover box, valuables packing. 【more】